Creative Class 1: Win Your Inner Creative Battles


Do you think CONFIDENCE plays a major role in shaping yourself as an artist?

The Banana Leaf Art Collective believes it is an important component in order for you to realise your project's potential in communicating your message.

Oftentimes we are hampered by self-doubt from multiple perspectives that prevents us from creating a body of work.

Sign up now and join Mona in learning how to manage your internal and external creative blocks, inner naysayers, comparison traps and over-reliance on validation.

Learn how to overcome and break negative patterns by addressing and conquering them one at a time.

About MONA KV, the Banana Leaf Creative Class 1 Facilitator:

A Malaysian Visual Artist who has been practicing art professionally since 2008, Mona’s artworks are a combination of ‘surrealism’ and ‘symbolism’ inspired by her culture and surroundings. She translates and narrates her inner thoughts through the usage of symbolic elements, allowing viewers to interpret, engage and connect with the artworks on a deeper and personal level.

She has shown her works in local galleries such as Balai Seni Lukis Negara (BSVN), Starhill Visual Gallery, Galeri Seni Johor, House of Matahati among many others. She has also been listed as finalist for local art awards such as the Malaysian Emerging Artist Award in 2009, Starhill Gallery Visual Art Awards in 2010 and Malaysia Young Contemporaries Award by National Art Gallery in 2010.

Her most recent artworks reached a wider international audience when they were showcased in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Thailand and the United States of America.


Win Your Inner Creative Battles is Part 1/3 of
Banana Leaf 2020's Creative Classes

Why Join Banana Leaf's Creative Classes?

We understand times are tough. As an art collective, Banana Leaf wants to support creative practitioners. You can be any kind of creative - theatre, visual arts, poetry, photography, projection mapping, filmmaker, we consider you an artist even if you make viral memes!

We aim to share our creative process, that goes beyond application of technical skills. These are creative processes that will help you find your value in the creative ecosystem in Malaysia, and upgrade the work that you produce.

Read more FAQ here.

Buying Tickets for BL 2020 Creative Classes

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This conversation will give an insight to the topics of discussion we're expecting from our artists in 2021. Look out for our open call early next year!


Fri Oct 30, 2020
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM MYT
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Banana Leaf 2020

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